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"What If Worlds" Fall 2020

The "What If World" project was a UCSB Media Arts and Technology course prompt that encouraged students to use various digital mediums to create a 4 minute trailer introducing a "world".

"Sorry" was created using stop motion animation and 3D modeling.  

"Transitional Stages" Fall 2020

"Transitional Stages" was a group collaboration encompassing various themes and emotions that stemmed from being in a transitional stage due to the COVID pandemic, including visions for the future, the dismantling of self, and more. Using AI software and a variety of different mediums, the group explored the relevance of interdisciplinary practices in Art through technology and collaboration.


PONG Variation  Winter 2021

"Satan VS Lucifer" is a pong variation game created using MIT's Scratch coding interface and digital illustrations.



Educational Game Winter 2021

"Greek Myth Busters" is a text and reading heavy Educational game that introduces the player to different greek myths and characters.


Mental and Technological
Software Research Winter 2021

Using multiple softwares to render my form, I furthered my research and relationship with using technology as a medium along with traditional skills.

Group Game Winter 2021

The final project for a Game Design Course. Farmer John defends his garden from menacing monsters with his trusty slingshot.

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